"...Tell A Story..."

I rather see myself as a storyteller …who sometimes puts the story down on paper...or film.

Then there is the contemplation of music...and of philosophy...this is the stuff life is made of… it is the inspiration; the light on the path.

In film, one can meld all of these together, in an exploration that is continually evolving as our society evolves, and hopefully, carving a path across life that in some way, inspires one to learn about oneself.

The collaboration, which is so crucial to an art such as filmmaking, is what draws me to continue this exploration. It is amongst peers, that I find the outer perimeters of my self.

Creating something together, which requires so much more than what one person can realize alone, begins an unfolding of love and energy that is unimaginable prior to its birth. This collective energy begins to take on a life of its own and can be a journey of such undertaking, that one might look back on it later as having been virtually impossible.

And in the end, there is the celluloid:a finished product, with the blood sweat and tears of so many people, the story of the journey hidden in its nuances, but yet a fully produced story of its own volition. And as each of us walks away from the set, we are changed forever for having been there. If we are lucky, as you walk away from your screen, you too are changed.

Barbi Veitch