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BIO- Barbi Veitch -Writer, Producer, Director

Barbi Veitch grew up in Alabama , in a large Catholic family, in the 60's and early 70's; a time of racially charged social unrest in the south. The fertile ground for change that marked the era, with the Viet Nam war debates, and the Flower Power movement of psychedelic art and music, created the spark in Barbi as a child, that would later set her on fire with a burning passion to use her creative energy to inspire, ignite, and perhaps expand the awareness of an audience. Her path has not been a straight and narrow one. Nor has it been a traditional path.


Barbi's work in the entertainment industry has covered a broad spectrum, beginning in her teens, modeling for still photography, and later, studying and performing jazz, can-can, and modern dance. In college, she toyed with philosophy classes, creative writing and theatrical costuming, but eventually dropped out of school to pursue an unconventional, underground, education of living and working with jazz musicians in Birmingham's Southside. She then began acting, doing dramatic and comedic theater, and cabaret styled stage shows, all the while, scribbling down various thoughts and ideas in volumes of journals. Barbi eventually decided to return to college and earn her BA. She double majored in Film Production and Screenwriting, graduating with honors from the University of Central Forida 's Film Program.


Her award winning film, Shades of Passion is a film, born from an idea that reflects Barbi's take on life: that the experience of passion can be fully present in life's most painful moments, as much so as in moments of exquisite pleasure. In exploring the shadow sides of emotion and experience, with the same abandon as we explore our pleasant emotions and experiences, we can liberate the creative spirit to be fully expressed outwardly. In her film, she shows this visually thru the life of a painter.


As a writer she enjoys writing in many formats, including feature length scripts, short films, episodic television, short stories, and essays. Several of her stories and essays have been published in magazines, and online. Barbi is currently developing a script for a feature film, taken from an anthology of her short stories.


There is a thread of humanity that is core to her work, be it on the screen or on the page. Barbi's ability to detail the human struggle, in relationships, with society, with one another and ultimately with oneself, is evident in all of her work. And much like life, her work is undergoing a constant state of metamorphosis.


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